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These Cities Score High for Renter Appeal


Investors seeking opportunities in the U.S. rental market should turn their attention to the South and the West, where cities are drawing renters with a mix of affordability, vibrant economies, and high quality of life. RentCafe's latest list of the top 50 best places for renters in 2024 highlights the growing appeal of these regions, offering valuable insights for those looking to maximize their investment potential.

The Southern Surge

The South dominates RentCafe's rankings, with 38 cities cutting. This region's appeal is multifaceted, driven by strong local economies, lower costs of living, and a high quality of life. Topping the list is Charleston, SC, a city that encapsulates the Southern charm while boasting a robust economy, affordable living, and ample career opportunities. Charleston's thriving tourism industry and major employers make it a magnet for professionals and families alike. For investors, Charleston offers a stable rental market with a diverse tenant base and promising returns.

Atlanta, GA, also ranks highly, thanks to its career-focused environment and entrepreneurial opportunities. With major corporations headquartered in the metro area, Atlanta provides a lower cost of living than the national average and a high percentage of upscale apartments. This combination makes it a hotspot for young professionals and burgeoning families, ensuring a steady demand for rental properties.

Sarasota, FL, strikes a perfect balance between work and leisure, making it an attractive location for renters seeking a high quality of life. Its coastal charm and affordable living costs contribute to its popularity, presenting investors with opportunities in a market where renters are eager to stay long-term.

Western Wonders

In the West, cities like Scottsdale and Gilbert, AZ, are leading the charge. Scottsdale's vibrant lifestyle, coupled with a strong local economy, makes it a prime location for renters who value both work and fitness. The city's appeal lies in its blend of urban amenities and outdoor activities, attracting a diverse tenant base from professionals to retirees.

Boise, ID, Denver, CO, and Salt Lake City, UT, are other Western cities that rank highly. These cities are known for their tech-driven economies, which not only create numerous job opportunities but also attract a young, dynamic demographic. Investors can capitalize on this by targeting properties that cater to tech professionals who seek a balance between their careers and a high quality of life.

The Northern Challenge and Midwest Balance

While the Northeast faces challenges with high living costs and competitive apartment markets, cities like Stamford, CT, and Boston, MA, still stand out. These cities offer picturesque surroundings and a high quality of life, which can justify the premium rents. Investors in these areas can focus on prime locations that attract affluent tenants willing to pay for the benefits of urban living combined with scenic beauty.

The Midwest presents a more balanced picture, with 27 cities making the top 50. The region's affordability, combined with a strong local economy and quality of life, makes it an attractive option for renters. Rochester, MN, and Sioux Falls, SD, lead this category, offering investors a stable market with consistent demand. The Midwest's appeal lies in its ability to provide urban comforts without the high costs associated with other regions, making it a reliable choice for rental property investments.


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