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Tesla Short Position: Danny Moses' Bearish Outlook and Emerging Competition

Danny Moses

Investor Danny Moses, known for his smart moves in “The Big Short,” sticks to his belief that Tesla is at risk of a major downturn. Despite the electric vehicle giant's stock already dropping by 32% this year, Moses stays firm in his bet against Tesla. In a CNBC article titled “Big Short trader Danny Moses is still betting against Tesla, says core business is falling apart,” author Stephanie Landsman quotes Moses as saying, “Everything is kind of falling apart in their core business, He’s pointing everybody to robotaxis and AI and autonomy.” Moses expresses concerns about Tesla's main operations, which he sees as potentially unstable. He points out CEO Elon Musk's heavy focus on robotaxis, AI, and autonomy as signs of possible trouble within the company.

Moses outlined a few reasons for his pessimistic view, mentioning Tesla's recent staff cuts, reports of investigations into securities fraud, and doubts about the feasibility of robotaxis. He questioned Tesla’s high market value and proposed a more cautious estimate of $50 per share. Looking back on his previous bet against Tesla’s stock last November, Moses repeated his doubts about Tesla being mainly a car company, highlighting investors increasing impatience for real outcomes.

To add on more Moses sees Wayve as a strong competitor in self-driving cars, especially in city driving. With over $1 billion in recent funding and backing from big names like Nvidia, Microsoft, and SoftBank, Wayve is shaping up to challenge Tesla’s dominance. Moses, who has invested in Wayve through his venture capital endeavors, highlights the importance of this, suggesting that the market might not have fully grasped its significance. Meanwhile, as Tesla's stock declines, Moses’ analysis suggests growing doubt about its future, given increasing challenges and competition.

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