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Semler Scientific’s Bold Bet: Embracing Bitcoin as a Treasury Reserve Asset Spurs Stock Surge

Semler Scientific Logo

Semler Scientific, a medical tech company not widely known, saw its stock price shoot up after revealing its new Bitcoin strategy. Following MicroStrategy’s lead, Semler spent roughly $40 million to buy 581 bitcoins, including fees. Even though Bitcoin’s value dipped a bit, Semler’s shares soared by 37% after the announcement.

This strategic move underscores Semler’s confidence in Bitcoin as a stable store of value and a prudent investment, especially in terms of serving as an inflation hedge and a safe asset amid global uncertainties. In CNBC’s article “Med tech stock Semler Scientific takes bitcoin play from MicroStrategy’s book, surges 37%,” Tanaya Macheel quotes Eric Semler, the company’s chairman, who highlights Bitcoin’s scarcity and its potential for substantial returns as it becomes more widely recognized as digital gold. By taking this step, Semler joins companies like MicroStrategy, which took a similar approach to acquiring Bitcoin in 2020. MicroStrategy, originally focused on business software, has seen its stock rise by 163% this year after shifting to Bitcoin. However, Semler remains dedicated to its main business, which is creating medical products and services. The company plans to keep examining how it uses extra cash while making money from its medical innovations, showing a cautious and balanced approach to its Bitcoin holdings.

The trend of businesses adding Bitcoin to their treasuries is growing, with big names like Tesla and Block also holding the cryptocurrency. This year, Bitcoin’s 60% value increase underlines its potential, although many companies still face regulatory hurdles and concerns about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Despite these challenges, Semler’s choice indicates a growing belief in Bitcoin’s worth as a financial asset in today’s world.


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