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Nvidia’s Earnings Report Hyped by Evercore ISI, but Market Hesitation Looms

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Anticipation runs high at Evercore ISI ahead of Nvidia’s impending earnings report, with projections suggesting the tech giant will surpass consensus expectations. In CNBC’s article “Nvidia beating earnings per share expectations is worst-kept secret on Wall Street, says Evercore ISI,” Michelle Fox quotes Julian Emanuel, Evercore ISI’s senior managing director, saying, “The worst kept secret in Corporate America is that when NVDA … reports 1Q24 earnings after the market closes on 5/22 that the company will beat EPS and revenue consensus expectations ($5.63/share and $24.6 billion respectively) handily.” Julian highlights the widespread confidence in Nvidia’s ability to outperform both EPS and revenue forecasts. However, he also acknowledges the uncertainty shrouding the stock’s immediate response despite the transformative long-term impact of artificial intelligence on productivity. This hesitancy reflects broader market dynamics, where recent meme stock trades contribute to volatility even amid sustained high valuations in indices like the S&P 500.

Julian explores the details of Nvidia's stock reaction, linking it to many factors like market excitement and low volatility. Differences between actual AI adoption and market expectations add complexity. Even with confidence in large-scale AI adoption in the future, short-term changes are unavoidable, creating what Emanuel calls a "kink in the curve" of long-term trends. This highlights the complex relationship between immediate market responses and overall industry directions.

Emanuel’s analysis shows how Nvidia’s stock performance is closely tied to broader market movements. He points out the strong link between Nvidia’s stock changes and the S&P 500 over the past year. This implies that Nvidia’s earnings reaction could impact the broader market, shaping investor attitudes and possibly affecting wider trends. So, while the exact result of Nvidia’s earnings report is unclear, its effects reach beyond the company, emphasizing its key role in the investment world.


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