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KKR REIT's Bold Strategy to Stabilize NAV Amid Market Turbulence

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In an unprecedented move for a non traded real estate investment trust, KKR Real Estate Select Trust Inc. (KREST) announced plans to allocate up to $250 million over the next few years to support the company's net asset value (NAV), reports Bruce Kelly from InvestmentNews. This strategic decision aims to reassure current investors and present a positive outlook to financial advisors amid the volatile commercial real estate market.

“What KKR is doing is a bold move that favors the investor,” said a senior industry executive who spoke confidentially. This move signifies the institutionalization of retail class alternative investments like real estate, a development that was unlikely a decade ago.

Nontraded REITs are known for their volatility, making it challenging for financial advisors to sell additional series of these investments, especially after any negative publicity. Brian King, CEO of Lodas Markets, highlighted that managers of nontraded REITs are increasingly taking measures to prevent drops in NAV to avoid the negative spotlight.

KKR’s KREST, with $1.2 billion in total assets, is relatively small compared to larger competitors like Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust Inc. and Starwood Real Estate Income Trust Inc., which have faced significant withdrawals since 2022. Concerns over rising interest rates and the post-COVID commercial real estate market, particularly with office spaces, have fueled these withdrawals.

In a bid to stabilize its NAV, KREST is implementing two major actions as outlined by Robert A. Stanger & Co. Inc. First, KKR affiliates have pledged to cancel up to 7.7 million shares if the NAV per share falls below $27 by June 2027, ensuring support at this level. Currently, KREST’s NAV stands at $25.56 per share. Additionally, KKR affiliates will inject $50 million of new capital into KREST.

“No nontraded REIT has ever done this,” stated Kevin Gannon, CEO of Stanger. This innovative approach has generated significant buzz within the industry, especially as fundraising for non traded REITs is projected to hit only $5 billion this year, a stark contrast to the $30 billion raised a few years ago.

This bold move by KKR aims to curb investor withdrawals and demonstrate resilience in a challenging market, reflecting a strategic shift towards protecting investor interests and stabilizing the REIT's financial health.


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