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KKR, GoDaddy, and CrowdStrike Set To Join S&P

Stock exchange

CrowdStrike (CRWD), KKR (KKR), and GoDaddy (GDDY) are set to join the S&P 500 index, as announced by S&P Dow Jones Indices on Friday evening. They will replace Robert Half (RHI), Comerica (CMA), and Illumina (ILMN) in the popular index before the market opens on Monday, June 24. Following the announcement, CrowdStrike popped over 5%, KKR stock surged 7.7%, and GoDaddy saw an increase of 3.7%. In contrast, Robert Half and Comerica experienced slight declines after hours, and Illumina remained inactive.

Ed Carson, Investors Business Daily author, reported the reason behind these stock moves. He said, “Stocks typically get a bounce on the news that they'll be added to the S&P 500. Mutual funds and ETFs that track the index have to buy up shares of incoming components.” These changes are part of the significant quarterly rebalancing of the S&P indexes. Dell Technologies (DLTR) and Palantir Technologies (PLTR), two profitable large-cap companies considered potential candidates for the S&P 500, saw slight declines Friday night as they were overlooked once again.


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