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Ken Griffin’s Thoughts on Rate Cuts This Year

Ken Griffin

“If they [the Fed] haven’t cut in September, they are likely to cut in December. There’s still a question of will inflation actually decelerate enough by then.”

The above quote is from Ken Griffin, CEO and Founder of Citadel, the quote is from an interview he did with CNBC where he weighed in on his thoughts regarding potential rate cuts this year. In the interview he agreed with Jerome Powell and the Fed’s decision to keep rates constant for now, “they need to bring inflation down over time” Griffin said. Inflation has been stickier than most of the street anticipated, this means that cutting rates needs to happen incrementally and only as inflation is declining in tandem.

Griffin then talked briefly about his thoughts on AI and how it will change productivity, “AI has really transformed the mindset of corporate America — it’s trying to jump-start productivity and corporate America is rising to that moment,” Griffin then went on to talk about how the big productivity boosts that the market is hoping for are probably farther away than expected. This makes sense as several companies, especially META just recently, have reported that AI monetization will not be possible in the near future and that in order to get to that point they will have to allocate millions in capital expenditures for AI related developments.

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