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Israeli-Iranian Tensions Cast Shadow Of Uncertainty Over Equity Markets

Soldiers in the Iran-Israel conflict

Tensions between Israel and Iran continued as Israel conducted a military operation in Iran overnight which targeted Isfahan who’s known for its military bases and nuclear facilities. The attack appeared limited, with Iran's state media downplaying its significance, leaving room for a potential de-escalation of hostilities. These events highlight the fragile situation in the region and the risk of conflict escalating. The stock market reacted negatively to the news, with the S&P dropping nearly 0.9% and the NASDAQ falling over 2% on Friday.

With these uncertainties, Investors Business Daily dropped its suggested exposure level. Michael Larkin wrote, “The current outlook is being downgraded to "market in correction." The recommended exposure level has also been cut to 0% to 20%.” The downgrade to a "market in correction" indicates the potential for continued losses in the days ahead, compounding on the significant declines that have already been witnessed. The NASDAQ has been hit particularly hard with a weekly loss of 5.5%.

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