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Impact of Biden's New Energy Efficiency Standards on Real Estate Development

Joe Biden

The Biden administration's Department of Energy (DOE) has recently finalized efficiency standards on various product types, including lightbulbs, commercial unitary air conditioners and heat pumps, circulator pumps, dishwashers, and refrigeration products. These standards are expected to have significant implications for the real estate development sector in the coming years.


The most closely watched aspect of these standards is the regulation of lightbulbs. The new rule mandates higher efficiency levels, effectively phasing out traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs in favor of more energy-efficient LED alternatives. By July 25, 2028, manufacturers and importers must comply with the new standards. While this transition may initially require investment in new lighting fixtures, the DOE estimates substantial long-term savings for households, making LED bulbs a cost-effective choice.


Beyond lighting, the new standards also target commercial equipment commonly found in real estate developments. Commercial unitary air conditioners and heat pumps, circulator pumps, dishwashers, and refrigeration products will all be subject to increased efficiency requirements.

How this will affect Real Estate Developments:

1. Capital Expenditure Planning: Real estate developers will need to factor in the costs of upgrading lighting systems and commercial equipment to meet the new efficiency standards. This may require adjustments to project budgets and timelines.


2. Long-term Cost Savings: While initial investments in energy-efficient technologies may be higher, the potential for long-term cost savings through reduced energy consumption and maintenance expenses can make these upgrades financially beneficial for real estate developers and property owners.


3. Market Competitiveness: Adapting to the new standards can enhance the market competitiveness of real estate developments. Energy-efficient buildings are increasingly sought after by tenants and investors due to their lower operating costs and environmental sustainability.

New energy efficiency standards by the Biden administration present both challenges and opportunities for real estate developers. By embracing energy-efficient technologies and practices, developers don’t just comply with the standards but also enhance the attractiveness, profitability, and sustainability of their projects.

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