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Google Announces Next Wave of Gemini AI at Its I/O Conference

Google Gemini AI

Over the last few days Google has been having its I/O conference where they speak on developments for the next wave of the company. This conference was extremely centered around Google’s AI program Gemini, “At Google we are fully in our Gemini era” said CEO Sundar Pichai. At the conference they announced the new improvements to Gemini and the capabilities of it that will be possible to Google search users, “We have been investing in AI for more than a decade. We’re going to talk about it all today. Still we’re in the very early days of the AI platform shift.” Pichai added.


Both Google photos and Google search will receive several new AI functions in the coming weeks, Bill Alpert of Barron’s wrote, “Everyday users of Google search in the U.S. will find new AI features this week. Compared to other AI answer products, Google notes that it has real time access to trillions of facts about the real world. A search for Pilates studios will quickly return nearby locations with ratings, hours, and other up-to-date details, said Liz Reid, Google’s head of search. The service will help users plan things like a cross-country move, or a meal plan, using multistep reasoning, she said. Google’s productivity products, like Gmail, are also getting AI assistants that search the inbox for answers to natural language questions and summarize the answer. Work teams will be able to set up a virtual teammate—which can track projects, participate in email threads and group chats, and then answer questions and flag potential problems. Phones running Google’s Android software—from Samsung, and Google itself—will get on-phone AI assistants. Android phones, and only Android phones, perform a trick called “circle to search,” that lets a user circle the sneakers that appear in a photo and launch a search for the brand and vendors.” Google also announced the exciting possibilities of using Gemini to detect proteins, DNA, and RNA in order to improve the drug creation process.


Investors have been worried recently as ChatGPT has been the frontrunner of the AI craze and may leave Google in the dust. Google did a fantastic job of focusing the entire conference on news and developments that can compete with ChatGPT, this should help put investors at bay.

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