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Gardner Real Estate Partners with Torus for Advanced Energy Storage Systems in Utah

Gardner Real Estate front desk

Gardner, a leading real estate development company, has announced a significant partnership with technology provider Torus to enhance energy storage capabilities across its commercial properties in Utah, according to Andy Colthorpe. This collaboration will see the deployment of 26MWh of advanced energy storage systems, incorporating Torus’ proprietary flywheel technology alongside battery energy storage solutions.

The agreement includes the installation of Torus’ flywheels and battery energy storage system (BESS) solutions, managed by an energy management software platform. This hybrid system is relatively unique, particularly on a distributed scale, combining the benefits of both short-term and long-term energy storage applications. The flywheel technology, known for its durability and recyclability, is designed to have a 25-year service life and is 95% recyclable.

These energy storage systems will be integrated into Wattsmart, a virtual power plant (VPP) aggregation program operated by Rocky Mountain Power (RMP). The program leverages stored energy at customer sites to help manage the grid network efficiently. Customers enrolled in Wattsmart receive a per-kilowatt upfront fee based on the battery capacity available for discharge, along with an annual bill credit distributed monthly.

Wattsmart operates across Utah and Idaho, providing eight different grid services and directly integrating energy storage systems into RMP’s operational framework. The program has been instrumental in advancing energy storage initiatives, with over 40MWh of household batteries currently networked and dispatched daily into the grid.

The energy storage systems installed by Torus are expected to significantly enhance the performance of Gardner's commercial properties. These installations will begin in the fourth quarter of this year, with completion anticipated by Q1 2026. Torus' recent investments, including a $67 million funding round and the addition of former Vivint Solar CEO David Bywater and ex-Rocky Mountain Power CEO Gary Hoogeveen to its board, underscore the company's commitment to advancing energy storage technologies.

Torus’ hybrid energy storage solution is set to play a crucial role in optimizing grid services, including demand response, energy arbitrage, and frequency regulation. By utilizing predictive analytics, Torus aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of energy storage systems in providing reliable grid services.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the adoption of sustainable and innovative energy solutions in the real estate sector. With the increasing demand for efficient energy management, Gardner’s collaboration with Torus highlights the growing importance of integrating advanced technologies to meet future energy needs.


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