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Ford’s Electric Surge: Navigating Growth and Financial Challenges

Ford electric truck

In May, Ford Motor’s U.S. vehicle sales shot up by an impressive 11.2% compared to last year, mainly because more people bought electric and hybrid cars. The company, based in Detroit, saw a big increase of about 65% in sales for both hybrid and all-electric models. This overshadowed the smaller 5.6% growth in sales of regular gas cars. However, even with this growth in electric and hybrid cars, they only made up 26,600 units, which is just 14% of Ford’s total sales, surpassing 190,000 units in May.

This rise in electric car sales brings challenges for investors. While Ford wants to sell more electric cars to save money and meet stricter fuel and emissions rules, its electric car division, Model E, has been losing a lot of money. In the first quarter, the division lost a huge $1.32 billion on just 10,000 cars sold, meaning each car lost $132,000. This shows the financial problems Ford faces as it tries to make more electric cars while dealing with the high costs of this change.

In May, Ford sold almost twice as many all-electric F-150 Lightning pickups as last year, along with a big 46% increase in Mustang Mach-E EV sales. Also, Ford is putting more focus on hybrid technology, choosing to delay making new all-electric cars in favor of adding more hybrid options to its North American lineup by 2030. Ford’s total U.S. sales through May reached 877,685 units, up by 5.6% from the same time last year, driven by a 10% increase in SUV sales and a 2.5% rise in truck and van sales. This shows Ford’s plan to include more hybrid tech while slowly moving towards electric cars.


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