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Equinix Expands Data Center Footprint in Japan and Australia

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Equinix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EQIX), a global leader in digital infrastructure, has made significant strides in expanding its data center capacity in the Asia-Pacific region, catering to the growing demands of hyperscale customers and the AI industry, according to Georgia Butler at Data Center Dynamics.

New Hyperscale Data Center in Osaka

Equinix has launched its fourth data center in Osaka, Japan, known as OS4x. This hyperscale xScale facility is designed to support the needs of cloud service providers with its high power density per rack and customizability features. Equipped with advanced cooling technologies, OS4x provides 14.4MW of IT power across 4,925 sqm (53,025 sq ft) of space and is connected to the adjacent OS2x data center in Minoh City. This expansion enhances Equinix's ability to meet the increasing demand for cloud services and AI applications, which are driving significant growth in the need for hyperscale data centers.

Strategic Investments in Australia

In addition to its developments in Japan, Equinix is set to invest AU$240 million (US$160 million) to expand its data center presence in Australia. The investment will add 4,175 cabinets across two of its International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers: SY5 in Sydney and ME2 in Melbourne. This expansion aims to bolster Australia's digital economy by providing low-latency connectivity and high-performance digital infrastructure essential for leveraging advanced AI models while maintaining data localization and control. Guy Danskine, Managing Director of Equinix Australia, emphasized the importance of this expansion in supporting the thriving digital economy and ensuring sustainability and efficiency in energy-intensive operations.

Looking Ahead

Equinix's aggressive expansion strategy is further supported by its recent initiatives, including a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) with TagEnergy in Australia. This agreement secures 151MW of renewable energy from Golden Plains Wind Farm – East in Victoria, expected to be operational by 2029, to power Equinix's 17 IBX data centers across the country. Additionally, the company has launched a managed private cloud service offering Nvidia DGX AI supercomputers in some IBX data centers globally, enhancing its capabilities in providing cutting-edge digital infrastructure solutions.

These developments position Equinix as a key player in the digital infrastructure landscape, meeting the burgeoning demands of hyperscale customers and the AI industry while maintaining a focus on sustainability and operational efficiency.


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