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Case Study: Fayetteville, Arkansas - Profitable Rezoning in Action

Fayetteville, Arkansas.

In Fayetteville, Arkansas, the elimination of parking minimums in 2015 has catalyzed significant economic development, showcasing how strategic rezoning can result in substantial commercial real estate profits. By removing onerous parking requirements, previously vacant and underutilized lots were transformed into thriving mixed-use developments. For instance, a once-vacant lot now hosts a building with nine apartments, two offices, a smoothie bar, and a taproom, illustrating the potential unlocked by rezoning. Additionally, a formerly empty building, constrained by its limited parking, found new life as the popular Feed & Folly restaurant and rooftop bar. These projects, relying on existing street parking, demonstrate how rezoning not only revitalizes downtown areas but also drives substantial commercial profitability by enabling more flexible and creative use of space.


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