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Brokers Can Do More With Social Media, CREi Group Founder Says

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In an era where digital presence can make or break a business, the commercial real estate (CRE) industry is increasingly turning to social media as a pivotal tool for selling and leasing properties. Ken Ashley, Executive Director at Cushman & Wakefield in Atlanta and founder of the Commercial Real Estate Influencers (CREi) group, is at the forefront of this shift. His insights reveal how platforms like X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and Instagram are revolutionizing the way brokers and marketers operate in the CRE space.

The Genesis of CREi

Ashley launched CREi in 2020 with a clear vision: to create a forum where brokers and industry professionals could network and learn from one another. The goal was to leverage social media channels to enhance their practices. CREi curates lists of skilled commercial real estate users and hosts an annual summit, bringing together experts to share their knowledge and strategies.

“The idea is that we have the most powerful tools in human history available today, and if we will simply learn how to use them, which we will do at the summit, we can really grow our practices and have a huge impact on our marketplace,” Ashley explained.

The Power of Social Media in CRE

Social media platforms are not just about connecting with friends or following trends; they are powerful marketing tools that can reach a vast audience instantly. For CRE professionals, these platforms offer unparalleled opportunities to showcase properties, engage with potential clients, and build a robust professional network.

On platforms like LinkedIn, brokers can share detailed posts about new listings, market insights, and industry news. LinkedIn's professional network environment ensures that content reaches a relevant audience, enhancing the visibility and credibility of the broker and the properties they represent.

X, with its real-time communication capabilities, allows brokers to share updates and engage in industry discussions. This platform is particularly useful for quick, concise updates that can drive immediate interest and inquiries.

Instagram, known for its visual appeal, is ideal for showcasing property photos and videos. High-quality visuals can significantly impact a potential client's perception and interest in a property. Stories and reels on Instagram also offer creative ways to highlight unique features and upcoming open houses.

Getting Personal: A Double-Edged Sword

In his video interview, Ashley touches on a critical aspect of social media usage: the balance between professional content and personal engagement. While sharing personal stories and insights can humanize a broker and make them more relatable, it is essential to maintain a professional tone that aligns with the brand's image.

“Should brokers get personal in social posts? The answer is yes, but with caution,” Ashley advises. Personal posts can create a connection and build trust with clients, but oversharing or straying too far from professional content can undermine a broker's credibility.

The Impact of CREi

The annual CREi summit is a cornerstone of Ashley’s vision. It is a gathering where industry leaders share their successes and failures in leveraging social media, providing attendees with practical tips and strategies. The summit emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Through these efforts, CREi has become a vital resource for CRE professionals looking to harness the power of social media. It provides a platform for sharing best practices, fostering innovation, and encouraging collaboration among peers.

The future of selling commercial real estate lies in embracing digital tools and platforms. Social media offers an unprecedented opportunity to reach and engage with a broader audience, showcase properties dynamically, and build a strong professional network. As Ken Ashley and the CREi group demonstrate, learning to leverage these tools effectively can significantly enhance a broker’s practice and impact the marketplace.


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