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Blackstone Launches Indurent: A New Leader in Industrial and Logistics Space

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Blackstone has unveiled Indurent, a newly integrated industrial and logistics space developer and operator, combining the strengths of Industrials REIT and St. Modwen Logistics. This strategic move creates one of the UK's largest owners of logistics property, boasting a portfolio of over 27 million square feet. Indurent’s holdings span urban light industrial units, 'last-mile' delivery facilities, and mid-to-big-box developments for national distribution, production, and manufacturing.

Indurent’s creation marks a significant milestone in the UK logistics sector. The merger of Industrials REIT and St. Modwen Logistics under Blackstone’s management unifies a diverse range of assets and expertise. Industrials REIT contributes its 'Hive' technology platform, which enhances direct marketing and streamlines occupier experiences to boost customer satisfaction and minimize vacancy periods. Meanwhile, St. Modwen Logistics brings its extensive development capabilities and a robust land bank, having delivered around 4 million square feet of space over the past two years.

Julian Carey, CEO of Indurent, expressed enthusiasm about the merger, emphasizing the potential to provide comprehensive support to their diverse customer base, which includes over 2,000 businesses ranging from local SMEs to global blue-chip corporations. Carey highlighted the current undersupply of industrial and logistics space in key locations, presenting an opportunity for Indurent to establish a national platform catering to business needs across the UK. With Blackstone’s financial backing, Indurent aims to capitalize on attractive acquisition opportunities and advance its ambitious development pipeline.

James Seppala, Head of European Real Estate at Blackstone, emphasized the strategic importance of the UK logistics market, citing its favorable long-term fundamentals. Seppala praised Indurent’s team and its customer-centric approach, positioning the company for substantial growth as the market evolves.

Since acquiring St. Modwen and Industrials REIT in 2021 and 2023 respectively, Blackstone has invested over £2 billion in these logistics businesses. This significant investment underscores Blackstone’s confidence in the sector’s potential and its commitment to expanding its footprint in the UK logistics market.

The launch of Indurent by Blackstone signifies a transformative development in the industrial and logistics sector, combining top-tier customer service with robust development capabilities. As Indurent moves forward, it is poised to leverage its extensive portfolio and Blackstone’s support to address the growing demand for industrial and logistics space in the UK.


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