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Apple Renews Talks With OpenAI to Bring ChatGPT to iPhones

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Shares of Apple are rising to start the week after a Bloomberg report came out that Apple is close to closing a deal with OpenAI to have ChatGPT as a part of all new iPhones going forward. This would be good news for the company as many of its shareholders have been anxiously waiting to see how Apple will integrate AI into its business model. In recent weeks it looked as if Apple might have decided to go with Google AI integration instead of OpenAI but it now is appearing as if they are closer to sealing a deal with OpenAI. 

While talking about some of the additional benefits Apple may receive from choosing OpenAI, Adam Clark of Barron’s wrote, “Partnering with OpenAI—or with multiple AI providers—could help Apple avoid any antitrust issues. Google currently pays Apple billions of dollars a year to be the default search engine on the iPhone and in the Safari internet browser, and the Department of Justice has targeted that relationship in a pending antitrust lawsuit against the search company.” In addition to this, Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives believes that Apple could use this partnership to build a moat for itself around proprietary ChatGPT functions, “We expect exclusivity around a number of…advanced OpenAI features on the iPhone that Apple will build around a broader AI strategy on iPhone 16 and iOS 18,”

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